Anime Expo 2013 – Part 8: Breaking the Gate

I have been busy with work and other tedious tasks… like packing for a move, so I haven’t had the opportunity to work on some of the gathering pictures I shot during AX. I have decided to make a few panoramas of these (and believe me, they’re not easy to compile).

Yes, I got thirsty just watching them.

So there was a Steins;Gate gathering, and they had the basics… Okabe Rintarou, Makise Kurisu and a bunch of others. None stood out more than the Rukas…

There’s just something about Makise Kurisu that just says “Harass me”… just kidding.


Yes, there were tons of pics of which I can make panoramas like these.

Now, just because Photoshop has an awesome feature that helps in making panoramic pictures like these, that doesn’t mean I don’t still edit them. In most of these, some people were missing limbs, half a head, etc. Then there’s the whole distortion factor I had to fix a few times.



I don’t think it would be acceptable for me to post something like this…

So I have to edit it to look like this.

What have you done, Okabe?


Such a waste…

Leave it to Mayuri to poke it with a banana…


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